Hello out there,
This is my first ever blog.

By venturing online, I am creating a venue where I can voice my ambitions and make them accountable. Im interested in a lot of things, many are works in progress.  My two priorities at the moment are finishing my PhD and concentrating on wellness and fitness. I want to use this space to share my plans, track my progress and make some friends along the way.

So I have set some goals:

  • Have a full first draft of my PhD by the end of September 2012
  • Reach my goal weight of 65kg by 31 Dec 2012.
  • Run 5km by end of October.

I have a plan to achieve all of this.

The Phd is, well, moving slowly.  I need to write a lot of it, but I feel like I am a bit stuck. It seems ironic to use a blog to help me write – shouldn’t I be just be writing my thesis?? Well, yes but I think this is a good forum to vent my frustrations with the thesis on someone other than my husband who is also finishing his PhD. Others out there who have done or are doing a PhD or any kind of study really, will know what I mean.  I think that by engaging in some ‘free’ ‘unstructured’ writing, I will be calmer when I am thrashing out some of the bigger issues relating to my research.  We will see……

In regards to fitness, I am using some apps on my phone to help with learning how to run and not collapse in a sweaty heaving mess after a few minutes.  Im into week 4 of a an eight week running program after a few weeks off due to nasty shin splints and I seem to be coping! I will be tracking my runs here and sharing the gory details, let me assure you its no easy task at the moment.  It can only get better!

And I’m devoting myself to healthy sensible eating.  Im not going to lie, I love a beer just as much as the next gal and chocolate is frankly the best thing on the planet.  Im just going to be moderate. I’ve got 19kg to lose to get to my goal.  This blog will be a place to record my body transformation.

There is the beginnings of a veggie garden outside, we rent our place so we can’t dig holes (which is one of my favourite pastimes being an archaeologist!). There will be pics of my “babies” (also known as vegetables) as they grow and get turned into dinner. There may also be pics of said dinner.

As I mentioned, Im an archaeologist with a passion for stone artefacts.  So you might see rocks here from time to time.  I can get a little over excited about them, you have been warned!

I plan to use this blog like a diary, where I will record all my trials and tribulations and of course my successes. I have a backlog of crazy stories and adventures to share. Most importantly, I’m locking in those dates and will be working hard to get there.

This is my running reminder…….