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Game on

So there is this app called Strava http://www.strava.com/mobile where basically you go about your ride/run and it uses GPS to track you.  The fun part is you are basically competing against other people who ride/run the same path as you.  I checked it out and it looks rad.  But now I have a Mind Worm…  Every time I see someone on their bike or out for a run, I can’t help wondering

  • Are they going for their PB?
  • Are they racing?
  • Who holds the best time for this segment?
  • Can I beat them?

Its a wicked worm indeed.

I didn’t have the app this am when I went on my run. The mind worm was working overtime as I was out and about, lots of people on bikes that were going for it…..hmmmmm!

I skipped a few sessions of the Run5k app as I was up to week 7 when the shin splints took hold and stopped me running. The orthotics are perfect. Thanks Podiatrist 🙂 His recommendation of stretching out my calves has made a significant improvement to my running as well. I feel like my legs aren’t shuffling anymore, which makes me feel like I am running stronger and harder. The run I did today was Run 5 mins, Walk 2 Mins, Run 8 mins, Walk 2 Mins, Run 2 Mins. The 8 min part felt fantastic, I felt like I could have kept going for ages more. I plan to keep upping the time and once I reach my goal of running continuously for 5km, I will be getting Strava app and going for it! Can’t even wait!