Wow, in the last 12 hours at the olympics, there has been the women’s marathon and the mens 100m final that have both blown me away.

First things first, the marathon.  Its not hard to guess that if you want to run long distances, the marathon features on the to do list.  I am VERY far away from contemplating my own, but watching those amazing women last night got me all fired up.  Did you see how Tiki Gelana blazed out the front and took home the gold?  I was quivering with excitement for her, what an amazing run.  She looked so strong and really deserved the win.  All the women competing in that race had it going on, it was freaking inspiring to watch.  Love it!

And then Usain Bolt! I love the hype and drama about him and wow, didn’t he deliver!  This guy is so amazing!  We had to get up a bit earlier than usual and I checked my Olympics phone app to see the time it was on and the ENTIRE EVENT was scheduled for ONE MINUTE!!!!!!!!!!!  It blows my mind that you can run that fast.  People are going to be pulling lightning bolt poses all day (and probably all week!!!)  We love you Usain!

In other exciting news, I weighed in this morning and have lost a further 900g, bringing my total so far to 5.7kg.

So many reasons to be brimming with excitement, and its still early!  YAYAYAYAY!!!