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I went for a  run this morning, and it felt great. For the last few runs, I thought that the voice prompts on my Run 5k app weren’t working, but it turns out that it works when music is on. I wasn’t using music as my husband was joining in – so I had not thought to see if it worked with music/headphones.  I really lamented not having the music and the cues, it made me feel like I am missing some level of inspiration without it! Im super happy discovering its there after all!!

So this run felt especially strong.  I was a bit out of sorts for the first 6 mins – felt thirsty, like I needed the loo and like my pace was awful… Drank some water and told myself to ‘harden up princess’ during the 1 min walk. Then I totally smashed the next 12 mins! I felt like I was running like the wind!!! We have the most perfect weather here at the moment, its cool but gloriously sunny and it made my run even better.

For the last two mins of the 12 min section, I was listening to Robyn’s song ‘Cobrastyle’ and felt invincible, so I matched the pace of the song and blitzed the last two mins! I felt like I was running the last stretch of a race in the Olympics! (Although I’m pretty sure I don’t look anything like those amazing athletes atm…. te he he !!!!)

I used to think people were freaking crazy to like running. My standard jokes were “I’m built for comfort, not speed” and “I only run if someone is chasing me”….. But now I am starting to see why liking and even loving running is possible. I feel so charged up after a run and get a lot of satisfaction knowing that I am getting better and better at it. This is something that I can see being more and more important in my life due to the positive benefits in my physical and emotional well being. YAY for running 🙂

Is anyone else out there embarking on running? Id love to hear how you feel after a great session 🙂

This is my running reminder………