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Reducing body weight is often a simple equation between what goes in (+) and what gets used up (-). You want a deficit between what goes in and what gets used up to lose weight. Certain factors can inhibit weight loss, but for most people it’s this little equation that can be hard to learn.  When using such a simple formula, it’s become apparent to me that it is critical to eat foods that can give you a feeling of satisfaction and fuel your body rather than making a choice that leaves you unsatisfied and unable to function well.

I am a serious foodie.  I love food, I love cooking it, I love growing it and I really really love EATING it!  Eating well is one of my mantras – its on my title!! Part of my identity is associated with this great love of food.

For me, to (re) learn the good eating habits that are contributing to my weight loss, I had to take stock of the eating patterns that got me to 88.8kg in the first place.

Poor habits and poor food choices were the main reasons. We always ate relatively well, apart from the occasional burger binge after a big night out. We would usually rotate a series of dinners that were not so bad – there was always protein and fresh veggies, but there was a big emphasis on pasta and rice. Worst of all, I ate without any semblance of portion control. It was not unusual for me to eat as much as my husband, even when he was eating second serves. Breakfast and lunch posed more problems.  As I love savoury foods, I got into a habit that whilst thrifty, was costing me a lot in terms of health and body confidence.  Leftovers from those dinners that weren’t so bad were never wasted, they almost always became lunch.  With the same amount of carbs. Breakfast – almost always the same, thick white toast with butter, vegimite and a big, full fat, milky coffee.

Breakfast – Nuff said really……

Heavy food = heavy girl……

Being such a food lover, an eating plan that would alter my weight had to cover a few bases:

  1. It must taste good
  2. I don’t want to feel hungry all the time
  3. No powders or pills – just real food
  4. It must taste good.

We have been following meal plan suggestions from the books by Michelle Bridges -“Crunch Time” and “Losing the Last 5 Kilos”. https://www.michellebridges.com.au/shop/ Meals are now substantially healthier.   We eat a huge amount of fresh veggies, lots of lean proteins and really sensible breakfasts that fuel us through the day. There is so much variety and the food really suits our tastes.  We would often eat lots of Asian and Indian inspired meals in the past and we still do!  Just now its not laden down with giant portions or too much carb. Eating this way brings me more energy to do the things I love, and I am losing weight!

We are now so much more organised about food.  There is always something to eat in the fridge and we plan ALL our meals. Shopping weekly means avoiding multiple trips to the grocery store every week which has an added bonus of dramatically reduced chocolate consumption in our household! We were total suckers for those sneaky bars of chocolate conveniently located right at the checkout! I can’t tell you how fast those bad boys would be inhaled by both of us 🙂

So its good to feel on track. No powders, no pills, just clean healthy food that fills me up and gives me tons of energy. I am ‘dieting’ but in my mind, I am relearning how to eat.

Let me know if you have any recipes you would like to share that give a feeling of health and energy!