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Winter skies in Queensland

Here in Queensland, we have awesome winter weather. During the day we get to about 24-26 deg C and our coldest nights only reach 4-6 deg C. This makes running in winter especially great. I am loving getting out and into the warm days and running in the sunlight. I am NOT looking forward to running in summer. Hopefully I will be significantly lighter by the time it starts to get hot, so it should be a bit easier to deal with running in our heat.

The Sydney City to Surf race was run today http://www.city2surf.com.au/. I checked out the website and there is going to be one in Brisbane next year!!!!!!! I am seriously contemplating entering. Its a 14km race. I have time to train for it. I also want to run in the Bridge to Brisbane run which is a 10km distance. http://www.bridgetobrisbane.com.au/ I can use the Bridge to Brisbane Race as a good prep for the longer race! And best of all, both events are in WINTER!

Im getting closer to achieving my first running milestone of 5km. My latest run had me running for 2.8km. Im really confident that I will reach that goal on Sept 2. So once that 5km goal is smashed out of the ball park, Im going to push for 10km. Those skies in the pic above will be my companion whilst training….