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I forgot to mention that last Monday, when we weighed in, we had both gained weight! GASP! I know why, basically we misbehaved big time on Saturday night, loads of booze and no dinner, and we really paid for it on Sunday. I felt rubbish for most of the day. So not surprisingly, I gained 800g, which brought me up to 83.9kg again. Booooooooo.

What a difference a few days make! I have eaten clean since then and have been out for a run. I have drunk buckets of water and had no naughty treats (well ok, one hot chocolate, but it is winter!)

And today, even though it’s not a weigh in day, I stepped on the scales. 82.4kg. Yep minus 1.5kg:)

I know fully well that the weight gain was literally just temporary, but I am still thrilled to bits that the gain of last week and some more extra weight is off. I think this week will be a cracker! I can literally see that I have lost weight so I am very excited!

Stay tuned for the real weigh in results on Monday…………..