Well, this is embarrassing. A rookie mistake was made today.

My natural tendencies when things are going well is to go harder/do more/be better. Basically, I tend to charge headfirst into things and suffer.

You may recall my elation in smashing 20 mins of non stop running two days ago.

Well, today I thought to myself, ‘If you can do 20, you can so do 30′. I know, I know, increase by 10% at a time….Who in their right mind would attempt a 50% increase??????? A crazy person, that’s who. Me.

Such a sad tale, it started off well, a few niggles that got ironed out within the first 2-3 mins. Got to 15 mins (my god I was so happy to hear that voice prompt!!), turned around and told husband I needed a break. Walked for about 2 mins, started running again and thats when it fell to pieces. EVERYTHING HURT! Like everything. The old shin splints felt like they were back with a vengeance. I got a blister. I felt like vomiting at one stage (Ill be honest here, it was not from overexertion, but my water tasted manky in the plastic bottle it was in….). My legs felt like lead. I got a stitch. Whinge whinge whinge…..Bleh

I alternated through the next agonising ten minutes with running and walking, more walking and then my bf called! Joy and relief filled my body. I felt like I’d been given a ‘get out of jail free’ card. I took the call and walked the rest of the way back to our starting point where husband was waiting patiently for me.

Lessons Learnt:

  1. Before my miracle 20 min run, I drank about 750mls water, this morning a mere gulp whilst swanning confidently out the door. Drink more before the run.
  2. Its a tad ambitious to go for 30 when I just completed 20. Slow down sister, small increments will get me there faster than big leaps.
  3. I really really need to stretch my calves more, yesterday I did them only once. This is the first time I have had to ice my legs after a run in ages. Boo.
  4. Change my water bottle so the water does not taste platicy and manky.

This is my after run treat, its so creamy and smells freaking amazing. Source

I bought a special body wash a few weeks ago that I promised I would only use when I went for a run. I felt guilty using it this morning…..

So all in all it was not great. I still got about 20-22mins out but it was not continuous and I felt like it was hard work. I now have a blister plaster on the wound and will take it easy and go for the original plan of 21 mins for my next run. Sheesh, what a crap way to learn a lesson πŸ™‚