Today, I had to improvise, and boy was it yummy.

Ive blogged before about my obsession with Pear and Walnut Salad. Well today we only had one pear, and we need two to make it for both of us. So we used an apple as well…

I love it when a plan gets improvised!

Yummy…. The original is still the best but this is a great alternative and may be better for those out there without such a sweet tooth!

Also, I pulled another carrot out of my garden and its no freaking longer than the other one!

I left it a few weeks and its way bushier on top than the first one. The circumference of the top bit poking out of the soil made me think it was ready, but look, its stunted!

poor little guy, but still small and tasty

Oh well, I guess I did not make the soil loose enough when I planted the seeds…. There is still a stack of them in the soil so I will give it a few more weeks and see if that little tendril of carrot can turn into a proper carrot! Otherwise we will have to have an uber chic dinner party with ‘baby carrots’ to use them all up 🙂

Any clues/tips would be very appreciated!