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Well, clean eating really paid off. I lost a gigantic 1.6 kg last week plus the 800g I gained the week before, which was a total of 2.4kg!!!!! I weigh 81.5kg, which is 7.3kg less than when I started this 8 weeks ago….. Happy!

Treats through the week included some delicious wine on Sat night when a friend was visiting, a florentine on Friday afternoon just cos I felt like it and heaps of yummy low fat low carb dinners.

Yum in a biscuit

Florentines are heavenly….. Source

Since cutting out lots of white carbs, like bread, rice and pasta, I feel way less bloated and heavy in my stomach. Its noticeable to me that these foods may not be so easy for me to digest, as I have had much better inner workings since I stopped eating them 🙂 Could be that I may not eat them much again, its such a dramatic difference!

Best part about losing weight – all those clothes that used to fit, are now back in rotation! Even my most favourite leather jacket that got so much wear a few years ago, and was so neglected when I was heavier fits now. Its a bit snug, but I will be wearing it in the next week or so. For me its better than shopping for new clothes because I feel like the old me is coming back, this time healthier and fitter than before.

I had a quick work trip out to the bush, was uneventful but its grand to be home! Last night my sister and husband and I went to our favourite restaurant Azafran. Three courses of truly amazing, local, fresh, in-season food. I love that place so much!

I went for a run on Sunday, but had to stop at the 18 min mark as the blister I got on my last run was hurting like a bitch. It has become rather nasty, I will spare the gory details but running is a no go at the moment till it heals. Wearing steel cap work boots did not help matters at all…… Busting to get back out there, time is ticking for my goal of 5km on Sun 2 Sept….

In other news, swimming will be making a comeback. Its starting to warm up here, so the pool beckons. I love swimming, maybe even more than running, so I plan to alternate swimming and running soon.  Watch this space……

All in all, a fantastic week and lots of busy fun planned for this week. Deets soon!