Take a look to your right, scroll down a bit, yep…. can you see it now?? NINE DAYS TILL MY FIRST EVER 5KM RUN!

Uh oh……

Blister is still a bit angry……

Have not even run a full 25 min yet…..


Man up, princess! Source

Ok, here’s the plan:

  1. Buy some decent socks so the blister does not come back again.
  2. Do NOT run again till the blister is healed. Like totally healed.
  3. Run on Tuesday next week for 25 min.
  4. Run again on Thursday for 27 min
  5. Run again on Sunday for 5km.

Easy peasy. I will make this promise to myself now to push all negativity about not being able to do it out of my mind. I will focus instead on how great I will feel after running and best of all achieving this goal. Im really close, I can almost feel it now! One week and a bit till I get there.

I will also celebrate my milestone with a new running outfit.  The one I get around in now is so freaking ugly, its drab and does not fit well now that I have lost weight. So I will promise myself a treat! YAY!

Stay tuned dear readers, I will post my runs so we can all keep tabs on this plan 🙂