Now who does not like shopping for new things?

As I mentioned in my last post, I need new socks so that I don’t get blisters during next weeks runs.

Here they are!

These bad boys will keep my feet dry and blister free!

They were expensive, like $35 AUD each, but not going for a run for a week made it worthwhile. After all, if you don’t keep striving for your goal, you will never reach it. Im still waiting for the current blister to heal properly, its looking a lot better today, still a bit angry but I’m confident it will be healed enough to run on again by Tues.

I took a look online at some workout gear that I am going to reward myself with next Sunday afternoon. There are so many awesome clothes out there! I still love my 2XU sleeveless jacket so I am thinking of a bra-shelf top to wear under it and some new tights. I mostly run in full length compression tights but now its getting warmer, I might just use them for recovery and run in something shorter. Still not ready to bare too much leg, but capri length should be ok 🙂

Getting very excited about this run……So in the meantime, whilst I can’t run, Im smashing my thesis and dreaming of the perfect playlist for Sunday’s 5KM.

Any suggestions? Id love to hear what songs carry you through your runs!