Allrrigghty! I’m still sweating and heaving a bit…….

Back it up a little…

Before I went on a run this afternoon, I read this post where I was was forwarded to Hey, Fat Girl, which is probably the most inspiring post for any one who is attempting running. Trust me you could replace the word FAT with any descriptor you cared to think of and it would still be inspiring. But as I am on a weight loss goal as much as a running goal, it really got to me, I admit, I even got a tad teary…. People who know me won’t think that is too hard though as I tear up at anything…

So let the bragging commence!

I ran non stop for 25 mins! And I covered 3.2km 🙂

I think I love running, sorry husband….

Yikes! It was tough, but I gotta tell ya, those words were running through my mind. I ran as tall as a 5foot 2inch person can, I smiled at people walking/skating/cycling/running past me! I lifted my head high when I felt like stopping and there were a few harsh encouraging words to myself like ‘keep fucking going’. AND I DID!

Runkeeper even sent me an email to congratulate me for my farthest distance, thanks Runkeeper, you rock! (ok they send them to everybody, but its still nice)

That 5km on Sunday better watch out, I’m so ready.