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What a disaster. The run part was awesome, my pace was slow but I kept moving for almost 30 mins. But disaster struck. Uh oh, where is a toilet????

Where were you????? Source

I won’t share all the details, but why, oh why? The path I run along has like a zillion people on it all the time, there are huge soccer playing fields next to it and a busway, BUT NOT ONE TOILET! I was about 15 mins from home which literally is the closest place I could think of. Husband was skateboarding and had his phone in the car so did not get my repeated missed calls to come and rescue me. Bleurgh. I made it home, just…… Yeah, I know its gross, but I comfort myself thinking this must happen to a lot of runners out there, hence I feel no shame for sharing this!

Anyway enough about that, lets focus on the run. My quads were screaming abuse at me after my awesome 25 min run on Tues. I stretched and did some Yoga but they were still sore. The run this morning purged all of the lactic acid out and now they are back to normal. I think it made me a bit slower today, but speed will come later, Im focusing at the moment on duration. I was feeling like I could run forever till the toilet debacle. So I am very confident I can smash 5K. I calculate it should take 40-45 mins based on todays pace. Slow, but it still is going to be 5K. I don’t care how slow I go, it will be my first ever 5K and that is all I want right now.

The socks I bought last week rock. No blisters 🙂 I got some gatorade to put in my water. I have constructed a hand holder out of elastic bands for my new water bottle so I don’t have to grip it so hard when I run. I AM READY!

This afternoon, Shoulders and Arms P90X, Tomorrow, Yoga. Saturday, Yoga. Sunday 5k.