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I love my garden. A little to much, I can get a bit obsessive about it. As we rent, its all in pots, I wistfully dream of the day I will have my own bit of dirt that I can really go to town on. Winter here was not too bad for the ‘babies’ aka plants. That will have to wait till after the PhD and getting a real job…

And now it’s Spring. All the babies are going bonkers, flowering madly and producing fruit!

This pretty little bud turns into….

This! A wee little lemon!

There are so freaking many buds and tiny fruit on my little pot plant lemon tree. I also have a Tahitian Lime tree that suffered badly over winter (the only casualty really). It is generating lots of new leaves so may not fruit this time round. Will have to wait and see…

I also have a Kaffir Lime tree as I love love love Thai Curries. I have a fantastic book called The Thai Table which has the BEST recipe for Massaman Beef curry I have ever eaten. Check it out if you can, and for serious foodies; the best part about this book is the recipes for the pastes that you use in the recipes, nothing beats home made and super fresh ingredients!

Anyway, the Kaffir Lime had copped a bit of a beating this year due to the leaves being used a fair bit in curries and even that is going gangbusters.

Ooh, you are going to taste so freaking good…

So I can confidently predict there will be citrus tarts, and curry’s to die for this spring in the RunninBear and husband household 🙂 Good thing I will be running a lot to keep the treats at bay. I call running my ‘Beer Insurance’ but may have to change it to ‘Beer and Food Insurance’ at this rate…..

Speaking of running, its tomorrow… Im EXCITED! I have my whole day planned out so that I can reward myself physically (with a long relaxing swim to keep my legs moving) and with a present (that long overdue new pair of running pants). Oh, and a beer – or two in the afternoon. Husband and I brew our own beer, and I have some Hefweizen that I made a few months ago chilling in the fridge. Purely for carb reloading purposes…..te he he

Looking forward to sharing my run report with you all, and thanks so much to all the people who have offered support. It means a lot to me that my new interweb friends have been so generous 🙂