This is GOLD!

So I went out for a run today to prove my 5k was no fluke. Its a gorgeous day here in Brisbane, sunny, warm, lovely. I was merrily at 1.2km – running below pace (The Runkeeper voice had a very disapproving tone I must add) when it happened. I got swooped by not one, not two, but THREE magpies.

Killer Bird Source 

Every school kid here in Oz learns that these birds are a menace. If you plan to walk anywhere near a nest in spring you are literally making yourself a target. People who ride bikes are not immune, runners certainly not. Here is the kicker though. I have never been swooped before, NEVER! I have heard all the stories, seen the news articles, watched terrified kids writhing under an attack and I have smugly thought, not me baby! TILL NOW!

I made a spectacle of myself. The first one came from the right as I was striding along, and I nearly did not see it. I caught a glimpse out of the corner of my eye and this freaking bird was flying directly towards my freaking head. I ducked for cover but it hit my hat. Then to add more drama another one came from directly in front of me, and the third from behind. They were squawking like bats out of HELL! Add my squealing into the mix and it was quite a scene….. It probably lasted for about 15 seconds, but it was 15 seconds of terror. My poor heart rate monitor probably thought I was having a cardiac arrest.

Apart from the one direct hit to the head, I escaped unharmed. My dignity however is somewhere on that damn path, the magpies own it now. I was too shaken up to keep going as every noise sounded like an imminent attack. I came home, had a shower and calmed down. And then had to tell you all about it.

Do yourself a favour, watch this video, that is exactly what I looked like (except for not being a kid!)