In my quest for speed, I did some Fartlek today. I decided to stick to the road outside my house for convenience sake and because we live on a hill, I thought I could sneak in a bit of hill training too.

I love the word Fartlek. It sounds funny and makes me giggle whenever I see it or hear it. It’s much better than “Interval Training”, which sounds boring and painful. And I do love the idea of saying “This morning I had the best ever fartlek” to people. Too funny…..

I NEED this t shirt, hilarious (Source)

I custom made a Fartlek workout in Runkeeper that went like this:

  • Warm up 5 mins
  • Run Fast 45 seconds
  • Walk 1 min
  • Repeat 15 times.
  • Cool Down 5 mins.

Genius. The only flaw in the plan was that I forgot TRAFFIC! More specifically, people leaving to work in their cars intersecting with me running across their driveways. So it was not all smooth running. But I got the session done. And I even managed to do a few run fast bits on the hill, which was hard but it felt great! I really liked it and now I have done my first session I can’t wait to do it again!

Next time, I’m gonna stick to the original plan but go with Husband to the skate park as there is a soccer field next door to the skate bowl. I won’t run the risk of cars and can run on grass, which will be nice as my shins are a bit sore.

I did manage to get another run in on the day of the magpie assault which brought my total for that day up to 5km. I hope to get another 5k in before the end of the week.

Next week I have to go away for work, to a tropical island for two weeks. Poor me 🙂 I saw the work plan yesterday and if I want to run whilst I am away, I will need to do it at 5am. I really want to keep running as I feel like a 2 week break from it now would be bad in terms of fitness and momentum. I won’t have internet access whilst I am there so I will document my plan here and when I get back I can check off what I did.

  • Wednesday 12 Sept am 5k run
  • Friday 14 Sept am 5k run
  • Sunday 16 Sept am 5k run
  • Monday 17 Sept am Fartlek 🙂
  • Wednesday 19 Sept am 5k run
  • Friday 21 Sept am 5k run
  • Sunday 23 am 5k run

I have no idea what the roads or tracks will be like on the island, so hopefully I can get all these distances in. It’s been a long held goal to run 5k three times a week. If I can’t get it all done, it will only be due to work. PROMISE 🙂 I’m gonna give it my best shot.

Just once more I have to type it : FARTLEK! hahahahahahahahaha