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Hmmmmmm. I weighed in this morning. Up! by 300grams… 😦

I know why. I ate like I was on a holiday last week. Lots of rice, lots of beer and very weird or non existent lunches. Now, I know that rice and beer are not the enemy. But, for me, these things really add up. Carbs generally make me feel a bit blah. So eating a ton of them this week has proved to be my nemesis. Back to basics for me. With spring going gangbusters, its going to be much easier to eat more salads and fruits, strawberries are unbelievably cheap hear at the moment! YUM!

I ran my fartlek (!) session this morning, down at the park instead of on my road. It was a MUCH better session, I really had to push myself to get the last ones done. I covered 3.54km in 33 mins (I skipped the last bit of my cool down as I was stuffed.) These sessions are TOUGH! But I love it! I felt like I was doing something constructive in reaching my speed goal. I did have to trash talk myself a bit during the last few intervals  – I can’t repeat here what I said as it was quite nasty! But it worked in getting the job done!

Tough working conditions, I know!

Finally, I have to say ‘see ya soon’ as tomorrow I leave to a tropical island for work. I am very excited, its a gorgeous island! It sounds very exotic – to be doing archaeology in a place like that…. I will let you know how it was when I get back.  I can predict this though, I’ll probably have a weird tan when I get back, and the clothes I will be wearing are atrocious! I had to buy coral reef booties which are the UGLIEST shoes on earth. Meh!

Take care out there and stay happy