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What is wrong with me? I really really really missed running when I was away. I stared longingly at my shoes, wishing we could be together running slowly and keeping at it.

Now I am home, I don’t want to run. At all. I have dodged it for two days. I don’t want to work out. I dodged that this afternoon. I don’t even feel like going out tomorrow. Booo, what has happened?

Even looking at this has not helped….(Nike Image)

I must admit, I am very tired, and it’s almost lady time which usually gets my grump on. I’m back to eating super healthy to shed the 1kg plus the 300g gained before and during I was away. I also worked like a crazy lady over the last two days to get an important job application done. Part of me is saying ‘Just stop whining’, but I feel flat and uninspired. So maybe I just need to listen to my body, rest and go hard when I feel on top of things.

I’d love to hear how you get out of a slump?