Holy shit. I am so worn out, exhilarated and freaked out. That was the MOST INTENSE thing I have done in a long time.

Let me rewind.

Husband offered to skate in the park next door to the place where the running group meets. We arrived early, waited in the car and then some peeps showed up. They looked like runners. I introduced myself to a lovely lady who walked with me into the park and introduced me to the coach dude. I could tell this was serious. I was already anxious as I run slow, like ssssssllllllllooooooooowwwwwwww. A few more people turned up, so we got started. A nice 2 laps of the park. I was puffed after the first one. The second one, I just gritted down and got it done.

Then the intervals started. They warned me “this is the long session”. OMG. First interval, 1k. Then 800m, then 600m, then 300m three times then 100m three times. 2 mins recovery after each except for the 300 and 100 which were 90 seconds. I was advised to take it easy, to turn when the pack did and make sure I got the same recovery as the rest of the gang.

It’s embarrassing to admit, but I was a bit lame. I barely managed to cover about 400m before the pack turned on the 1k. Same for the 800m. It got worse after that. Only about 150m for the 600, same for the 300. I did cover the 100m in total with a head start and finishing last.

But you know what. I am so freaking proud of how hard I worked. I did not give up, sure I walked most of it, but I made sure that I ran as much as I could. I was TOMATO red, it felt like from the start, but I did not care.

Yep, this was running though my mind (pardon the pun)

At the end of the session, my quads and calves were screaming at me. I checked my heart rate monitor. 626 calories. I thought it was the freaking time at first – and still cannot believe I burnt that much!

The gang asked if I would be back on Monday. “YOU KNOW IT!” said I, then I limped away to the car and made my exit.

So now I’m in a running club. I can’t remember all of their names yet, but I aspire to keep up with them, they were so supportive and I had the best time despite not being as fast as them. IT’S ON!

YAY! Slump is officially over.