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I was looking forward to writing about my second attendance at Running Club. Instead, I dogged it. Stayed at home and vegged out. Feeling blah again today. It’s just lady time blues, but blah none the less. I did go for a run on Sat with a friend and we covered about 3.5ish km with some walking mixed into the running. Felt very sore in the shins afterwards. I really must remember to stretch and strengthen my calves!

In some very good news, I have broken the 80kg barrier. My weigh in this morning revealed a new weight of 79.8kg. A total weight loss of 9kg. When I get to 10kg, Im gonna have a celebration!

Jeans that have been gathering dust are now on my butt. Jeans that were too tight a few months ago are now in the bin. I must weigh about the same as I did when we got married, as I am sitting here in jeans I last wore during our honeymoon. This is a massive achievement for me. I remember the last time I wore these, I felt sad that they were too tight, and now they are comfortable. Not tight anywhere, and with that lived in feeling you just can’t get from a new pair 🙂

I have a spare room closet full of clothes that I hung onto even though they did not fit. Tonight, I am going to haul them out and put the ones that do fit again into my normal closet. Cheaper than shopping!

Healthy, tons of protein and very low fat, and they taste yummy 🙂 Source


We are having Kangaroo sausages with mashed sweet potato, some steamed broccoli and steamed carrot for dinner. It’s cooking now, so I shall keep this short and get back to you all soon with a new running adventure.