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I have made myself a new promise. October is ‘1000 words a day’ month*. That’s right, 30 000 words will be added to my thesis this month. 2 October and I have smashed out the first 2000 already. I even did some boring stats today AND managed to get out the word limit.

You see, I missed my deadline. Look over to your right, there it is. I wanted a full first draft by the end of September. And I was too distracted, lazy, uninspired, bored etc to make it. Sad face 😦

So its game on. As well as reporting to the world at large my incredible running prowess attempts, I will clock in every day with a new word count. Today it is 20 233. Tomorrow it must be 21 233. You get the idea. I’ll save you doing the maths – my quota for the end of the month will get me to 50 233. My thesis has to be 60 000 at the very least. So it should be much easier to push through the last 10k words with 50k under my belt! Who knows, I could even exceed it!

This happens all the time! Source

The Thesis Whisperer wrote an amazing piece of advice here on how to get the discipline to sit down and write. I’m taking her advice. Anybody out there stuck in the PhD doldrums should read this article, it’s the best advice I have seen on how to get it done.

*I tried to come up with something clever, like Oktoberfest but about thesis writing, but my brain is too fried to figure one out. Suggestions are welcome…..