Well I made it. Just finished now. My brain is hurting and my eyes are tired. I got a little bit more done that I needed to which bodes well for smashing my goal out of the ball park.

Word Count: 21 327

I will be away for the next two days, so I have to adjust my totals for next week to absorb what won’t get done whilst I am away. Easy.

I did not run this morning. Still in a bit of a blah mood about it. I have not been feeling particularly well these last few days and woke up feeling like I had a hangover. Must be a bit dehydrated. Drank tons of water today and will make sure I am properly hydrated whilst I am away. I hatched onto an idea of running in a new location (I know, controversial right??) So Sat am, I am gonna lace up and hit the road in a new place that I used to walk all the time. Change is as good as a holiday right?

Take care out there and keep running 🙂