Hey! Running update.

This morning I slept in. MASSIVE MISTAKE! It was as hot as hades out there when I started my run at 9:30. I did not have any sunscreen on and by the time I reached 1.5km,  I had slurped down almost all of my water. I was freaking boiling hot and started to get a monster headache. So I bailed on it.

It’s time to set a VERY early alarm to run. I just can’t hack that heat! You would think I would be a lizard considering my job but I am really a delicate flower…..

I would like the heat if I was one of these 🙂 Source

In other news, after my two days away I have 2000 words to catch up on. So this will be short, I will post again after I smash out some words on the old thesis!

Happy Running