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Last night I made it back to running club. We did short intervals of 100m. Again I was well behind the pack, but it was tons of fun. I felt way less sore but a lot more tired after this one. Must be cos I did not eat very well during the day. I burned 407 calories, which is great 🙂

I am going to try INSANITY this week. I have heard from some of you that it is the best thing to transform your legs. I got a copy and am going to give it a go!

My weigh in yesterday showed I was up again, and regrettably over my 80kg barrier by 100g. It’s frustrating me that I keep yo-yo ing like this. I had beers on the weekend but overall did not eat too badly. This week, I am going to keep it clean and get to 10kg down no matter what! NO BEERS! I want to pass my 10kg mark by 300g and weigh 78.5kg by next Monday. I’ll keep you all in the loop!

As far as the writing challenge goes, it’s coming along. I have stats to do as well so it has been a bit slower over the last few days but it will ramp up again. Every time I add some more to the thesis I feel a bit calmer about finishing it. And it’s really starting to look like a thesis, pictures, graphs, tables etc. Something to be proud of.