In my last post, I spoke of sometimes feeling like a gazelle when I run. Well today was GAZELLE DAY!

Yep, just like this but human! Source

I think this was my best ever run. Maybe it had something to do with expressing my feelings in that post, which was very therapeutic! I was also cooped up indoors all day yesterday as it poured almost all day. I did not even attempt to go to running club which  made me a bit sad last night.

Now I know I was probably jiggling like crazy as I am still a very curvy girl, but I smashed my pace out the window, with an average speed of 8.26 minutes per km. My best before today was 8.35min per km. I know it’s still slow as a snail, but like I said, little by little it’s coming together.

All my muscles in my legs felt like they were working together, I felt strong, and unbelievably tall. I did not feel like stopping once, and picked up my speed for the last few minutes, like I was in a race…..and winning 🙂 YAY!

It felt so freaking good that I think I should go do it again tomorrow!