This morning, I hit the path and ran, although I gotta tell ya, it was super tough. Hot as hell out there. I only managed to run 3.26km before I decided to call it a day. The path I run along has absolutely no shade (or toilets but that is another story!!) The sun was brutal and I was running out of water. Looks like a 6am start tomorrow to beat the heat! The UV index for next week is VERY HIGH and we have an alert from 8.10 am till 3pm, which basically means you are toast if you get out there with bare skin. Alarm clock is set 🙂

I did yoga this after-noon, I was feeling super tight in my hip flexors and in my piriformis muscle, which always tells me my back is starting to play up again. Some great friends of ours gave us a Yoga DVD called “I love my yoga”. It is a rubbish title but the routine was ace. Lots of core work and lots of fantastic stretching for my tight old hips. I feel much looser and ready to go out and take on the road again tomorrow. I am so thankful that I have started doing yoga, it is really helping to keep me feeling more flexible. I do find that I tighten up a lot from running, I guess my body is still catching up after all that neglect.

The other yoga dvd I use is AM/PM yoga which is a shorter routine. It’s got a different focus and I think now that I have tried both, I will use the “AM” dvd for after a run, then do the “I love my yoga” a couple of times a week to help my core get stronger.

I would love to hear how you guys work on your flexibility – do you do yoga or pilates? What is your favourite stretching routine?

It’s weigh in tomorrow am, I have my fingers and toes crossed for a good result 🙂