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Gazelle Day (also known as last Friday) my pace was 8.26min per km over 3km.

On Sunday when I ran it was freaking hot, and my pace was 9.21min per km over 3.5km.

See where I am going here? Today, I told myself “ENOUGH OF THIS SHUFFLING“.

I am so much fitter than I was when I started running, so why on earth am I still maintaining the pace I started at???? For fucks sake, IT”S TIME TO GET SERIOUS!

My pace today, 8.07min per km over 3.5. An improvement. Room for more though……

I told runningkattales the other day that she is my hero, read her blog if you wanna see what hard work and determination can do to a girl. I have never met her and yet she is my running buddy lately. She is fast, and in my mind I try to keep up with her. It’s as though I can see her ahead of me, and I am trying to keep up.

I felt so exhilarated just by picking up the pace a bit. It was not a “huffing and puffing – OMG I need to stop!” pace, more like a “ok, this is a bit harder, keep going….” kinda pace. Which means only one thing. Next run can be faster. Yep, faster.

My other favourite blogger, Philippa from Skinny Latte Strikes Back, had a brilliant quote written on a board during one of her half marathons lately (she ran three in three weeks!!!). It said “If it doesn’t challenge you – It doesn’t change you“. And this is what all this hard work is all about for me. There is the benefit of losing weight but the big change I want to see in my life is a better and more integrated approach to health. Not a quick fix, but a real commitment to taking care of myself and making every day count. Running a bit harder, feeling a bit more uncomfortable, pushing myself more and believing I can do it is central to making the change I want.

So next run, it’s time to suck it up. No whining. No wimping out. Believe.