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Today’s run was yesterday’s run. In as much as today’s run was EXACTLY THE SAME PACE! (8.07min per km) Which is a good thing. It proves that yesterday was no fluke. And it shows I am consistent.

I stumbled across a new audio track during my run yesterday. Its called 10ktreadtrain by Nike. A dude narrates a treadmill training run with music that matches the tempo you are meant to run at. The path I run along is as flat as a pancake so I just ran a bit faster on the bits that the would be an incline on a treadmill and really gave it my all for the fast bits. I wasn’t really paying attention to it for the first part of hearing it yesterday, but once I realised it was more than just one song, I got into it a bit more.  So I played it again today. I gotta tell ya, I really like this track, its only 33 mins long and it helped me enormously yesterday and again today.  Its going to be on high rotation whilst I get my speed on. Cory B, this might be the track you need to get your fast on dude!

I’m not running tomorrow am as it is running club in the afternoon. Tomorrow’s sets are the long intervals again. I’m gonna show those delightfully lovely fit older peeps how fast a bear can run! Yeah!

The rest of my week will be:

Fri am: 3.7km run

Sat am: Sleep in then yoga (I love my yoga dvd)

Sun am: 5km run

In other news, my bff and I are going to boot camp! She is so freaking close to her goal weight and she wants a kick up the bum to help her get there. I am not as close but a change in terms of routine and activity will help ramp up some more weight loss. And besides, I love hanging with her and we always work out well together. So we are booked in for our first session on Tues night. It involves kettle bells. We have never used them before, but we are anticipating PAIN 🙂

I’d love to hear if anyone out there has ever done a bootcamp before, and what it was like! Tell me your stories of pain peeps 🙂