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After feeling bleurgh all last night and this morning , I decided this morning TODAY IS A REST DAY!! I am pretty convinced now that I caught a bug or something. I did read some freaking hilarious stories when I was researching googling why running makes you want to go. Thanks for all your advice šŸ™‚

To make myself feel better I took a long hot shower, washed my hair and blow dried it so I look more human. I put moisturiser on and even some fragrance. I am sitting here in jeans and a pretty top, feeling content with my decision to take it easy. PhD writing this morning (it’s coming along well btw) and then I am heading into uni to see my supervisor and catch up with a good friend. Then home and watching S2 Ep 3 of Homeland and S3 Ep 1 of The Walking Dead. I do love a good zombie šŸ™‚

Maybe even a glass of wine if my tummy settles down!

Pinot Noir Anyone?

Tomorrow it’s game on. Run in the morning (to catch up on today’s missed run) then yoga for a stretch. Sunday 5km run. Oh Yeah.

In boot camp news, we already have an appointment for some extra Personal Training, which will be on Wed!!!

ext week is shaping up to be huge. Running club on Mon and Thurs, Boot Camp on Tues and PT on Wed. Plus my normal running. Look out scales, there could be a huge drop after all that hard work šŸ™‚

What is on your workout schedule for next week? Any new things to try?