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Yep, that’s right. I spent some time yesterday putting all my fat clothes for sale on Ebay. (I made those words bold cos the clothes I am selling look too big now!)

The main motivation for doing this is to make sure that I can never ever ever go back to the size I was. I hate seeing how big those pants are. MY GOD THEY ARE HUUUUUUUGE!

And if you only have clothes that fit your smaller self, it will help to keep the weight off right?

So 17 items are up for grabs. Some of the clothes were things I had bought in a desperate attempt to look good whilst I was still carrying those extra 10kg. They never fit. Still had tags on them. Now I have lost the weight, they are too big. What a waste of money!! Shame on me!

I am freaking loving wearing all my old clothes, but I gotta tell ya, I can’t even wait to buy even smaller clothes soon. I desperately need some shorts as it is getting quite hot here, but I am holding out from buying some a bit longer, as I already have a pair that are a bit too snug at the moment. I keep trying them on, they will fit soon 🙂

So yeah, the weight loss is getting real. And PERMANENT!

In weigh in news, I did not lose or gain any weigh this week. I know that taking a running break and also letting a few ‘treats’ into my diet this week kept me from losing weight.

I have been thinking all week that I should up the ante for the next six weeks that I am doing boot camp. A kind of pre Christmas cleanse. Not any weird ‘juice only’ cleanse. I mean cutting out ‘treats’ like beer, hot chocolates and other things I have been indulging in. I also mean totally healthy foods, that will keep me energised as I do a bit more exercise.

I was really really wanted to be at 65kg by NYE but I think truthfully that is not going to happen. I don’t want to crash diet and lose the weight as that is a recipe for disaster. I think it is more reasonable to see a kg a week come off over the next 6 weeks during boot camp. It would mean that by Christmas, which is a month after boot camp finishes, I will be close to 70kg. I’m ok with that as I really want to lose the weight slowly and keep it off. Forever. So yeah. Another goal getting pushed out a bit longer, but in all reality it is keeping me sane not fretting too much about it.

Husband is away for the next 10 days so I will be cooking for myself. I have so many workout activities planned for every night this week, I think I will be totally exhausted by the Sunday night. I am so looking forward to smashing out some killer workouts this week. YAY!

I’ll let you know how running club is tonight, although there is a storm forecast for this afternoon here, hopefully it doesn’t get cancelled!

Over n out – RunninBear