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So yesterday I had a realisation. I like running by myself(*). Whenever I run with other people I feel like I am not good, fast or agile enough. I judge myself when I shouldn’t. It messes with my mojo. So I didn’t go to running club, I went running by myself.

It was about 32 deg C yesterday afternoon, that forecasted storm never eventuated. Despite the heat, I busted out some tunes and went for it. Not as fast as the other day but so freaking liberated. I felt like I was back in control. I was chasing people down like we were in a race, doing what I need to do to get my speed and distance up. I got home tomato red, sweating like a pig and feeling on top of the world. I guess this means I have broken up with running club? Great peeps but maybe just not my style….

After a shower to re-human, I had dinner by myself and girly tv shows to keep me company – BLISS!

This morning, after doing yoga I googled to see what running events are in Brisbane for next year. Turns out there are heaps. So I made a race calendar. Wanna see it?

  • March 24th Twilight Run 5km St Lucia
  • April 7 Womens Running Fun Run Pink – Team Pinkie 5km (Registered)
  • May 26 Rotary 10km Run
  • June 2 Heritage Bank 10km Run
  • June 16 City to South 14k Run (Registered)
  • 4 August Brisbane Running Festival Half Marathon (Yes that says Half Marathon)
  • 1 Sept Bridge to Brisbane 10 K Run

Yep, I have registered already for two of these bad boys. The rest I have to wait for registration to open. I know I said earlier I like running by myself but running in these events will be different to a training run, a different atmosphere and purpose. Β Plus, I figure the longer runs can be part of my training for the Half Marathon on August 4 (!?!?!). Big challenge, but I am up for it. This marks a new phase in my running life. I know that if I can do all of these runs, then a marathon in 2014 is an achievable goal. Watch this space.

In other news, it’s boot camp tonight, it feels like the longest build up ever. I can’t wait!

So there you have it, a race calendar, a commitment to running and training and hopefully some cute medals. I’M EXCITED!!!!


(*) when I say by myself, I mean me and my virtual WP running gang, you know who you are πŸ™‚ if you wanna be in the gang, just say so!!