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OMG. The muscles that were sore from yesterday’s boot camp are completely and utterly trashed now.

Before we went to PT, I went for a 3.8km run. I smashed it, and felt on top of the world. I really hoped that going for run would purge the lactic acid from my legs but they were still sore after the run.

An hour and a half later, hell was unleashed. Started with a run to warm up, using some  kettle bells we did some swinging backwards and forwards thing, squats with the kettle bells, lunges with the kettle bells, push ups and pull ups with that TRX suspension thingo. Then a run. Repeated three times.

Followed by dead lifts with kettle bells, bicep curls on a resistance band and more freaking lunges. I cannot tell you how much I hate lunges. They SUCK!

More running, then some core work.

I swear I cannot stand from sitting without some serious pain. Not in my ass, in my quads. They were SCREAMING at me by the end. OUCH! The trainer dude was making conversation at the end and all I wanted to do was crawl to the car and get the hell home….

This just confirms that I need to continue with some P90X after boot camp finishes, I was a lot tougher than this a few months ago. I have focussed on running and stretching, which I love, but I know now that I really must keep up the strength workouts as well. Right now, I wish I could sink into a neck deep hot bath and then get a massage for, like, a week.

On a positive note, (Yeah, stop whining!!) I burnt 876 calories today. That is the most I have burnt since I started on my fitness and health lifestyle. I really think my next weigh in will be awesome!

Tomorrow, yoga – to stretch as much as anything else.

I am seriously in doubt at the moment if I will be able to run on Friday due to the pain. If you have any suggestions for me on how to make it go away quickly I would appreciate it. I’m not kidding, I need some help!!