We are about to storm here. Nothing like what is happening in USA with Sandy, but it is going to be wet wet wet for the next few hours.

No running for the last few days, my legs have been buggered. Skype scheduling with Husband has also kept me home as I have been waking up late and then we chat for a while. I wanted to go for a run this afternoon but the weather came too fast….

I love stormy weather, but I get scared of lightening and thunder. Once it is all over, the air is clean again, no humidity, and calm – the best!. I especially love when they start, the smell of first rain hitting the road, that steamy feeling which is so quickly replaced with a chilled air.

Storm front approaching Brisbane City (Source)


We get lots of storms here in Brisbane although it is unusual for us to get cyclones (southern hemisphere hurricanes). We have entered storm season again, so we will get lots of days where the heat and humidity increases until you think you can’t take anymore and then a storm starts in the afternoon. I remember as a kid, these storms seemed daily during summer. Hail as big as tennis balls. Soggy grass in the evenings. That smell of storm. Such drama!

These days, I just worry about my veggies and hope they weather the wind. I may need to hide a little as thunder has started…….

Running tomorrow, my legs are itching to get out there……….

Those of you near Sandy, stay safe….