Ever since we were kids, my sisters and I have always said “I have a throatasauras” when we have that just starting to get sick feeling. You know the one, sore throat, stuffy nose, blocked ears. Now we are older, we just say “There is a dinosaur in my throat”. It does say something about how mature we are 🙂


I said this to my sister today. Turns out I may be getting sick. Too early to tell right now, but I feel bleurgh. No amount of water is fixing my fluffy head. I feel specially tired. I need my Husband here to look after me. Booooooooo.

And to make matters worse, I have to keep working on my presentation for this Friday. No getting out of it. BUM!

No running for me today and I will be missing boot camp too. Sux.

At least I am safe and warm and not in a state of emergency like all those people in the path of Sandy. It’s shocking seeing the images on Twitter and the news. I do hope that if you are in it, you are keeping out of harms way. Same for any family or friends. Be careful out there…….