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Well, that cold I felt coming was yuck. I lost my voice for two days. One of those days was the day I was meant to do my presentation. Did not happen. Thankfully it was rescheduled for this week…. I feel almost back to normal, with a bit of a sore throat but generally better!

Husband came home to a sick wife. Not the homecoming he would have liked! Poor boy, I did tell him I missed him so much when he was away.

So of course as I was feeling uber crap most of the week, I did not exercise. I weighed in this morning, and I am down to 77.3kg. Thats a loss of 1.5kg and a total weight loss of 11.5kg 🙂 (thats 25.35 pounds to all my American friends…)

Very happy. Im getting closer and closer to my half way mark.

It’s weird that the week that I did no exercise, I lost weight. I must admit my appetite went off during the sickness, but I still ate well. Oh well, I can never figure out what the scales are going to say next.

In consultation with my bff, I have decided to officially weigh in fortnightly from now on. I usually see and feel an increase when I am approaching lady time. So instead of recording that and feeling a bit disheartened by it, I am going to avoid it all together.

This week, its game on as far as exercise goes. Run this afternoon, Boot Camp tomorrow, Run Wed, Yoga Thursday, run Friday, Yoga Saturday, Rest Sunday.

Can’t wait! Hope you are all well, happy and smashing your goals.

Big hugs to all the people affected by Sandy, it looks really bad out there….