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After I got a cancellation text from bff about Boot Camp today, I turned to Husband and said, “Feel like doing a workout with me”? He said yes, so I picked Core Synergistics.


Many moons have passed since I did this. I had warm fuzzy memories of how much I loved ‘Core’. Was I on crack back in those days??? This workout is tough. I whined muttered more than once that Boot Camp is easier than this. I remember now why I loved it: IT KICKS YOUR ASS! My entire body is HURTING!

Oh yeah, that shit hurts….


I did notice a massive improvement with planking. This is the toughest pose for me as my back is notoriously weak. I did about 1.30 mins today but not consecutively. I have noticed that Plank A Day is happening in WP world, so I will jump on the bandwagon and twitter my plank a day results. I reckon I can claim 30 seconds today….

So overall, today has been a good workout day. I’m happy to be back amongst this amazing feeling. YAY!