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Let’s start with the 5k. I have been using Runkeeper for tracking my runs, but I switched to Nike + Running. To coincide with my new phone and I like the pretty graphics. So I though I should show Nike + who is boss. I smashed out a 5k in 42.25 mins. This is a great time for me. I am so happy.

Yeah! I owned it.

In other news, there is a big group of tweeters who plank a day, using the hashtag #PlankADay.  Check it out! I saw it and have started to plank and tweet about it. After doing a gazillion planks in Core the other day, I claimed 30 seconds. Yesterday I claimed 40 seconds, today I am going for 50 seconds. If you want to get involved, just plank and tweet about it!

Speaking of ‘Core Synergistics’. I have been so freaking sore since Tuesday. There is one move where you squat and then on the way up, you raise your arms over your head diagonally, like you are making a star shape. It looks like this:

This is the pain maker move.

It happens relatively late in the session, so I was pretty warmed up and I really gave it all I had. Since then, my legs and ass have hurt so much, I have been walking around looking like a cowboy who spent too much time on a horse. OUCH. Even after running my 5k this morning, my hamstrings are still sore. I keep wondering, is there ever a time when a workout doesn’t hurt?????

Overall this week is shaping up to be a great workout week. I am even planning a ParkRun this weekend. I have never done one, but I printed my barcode and am plotting with Husband how we can do this and meet for a coffee afterwards. I was so so so so freaking sweaty after this run, we may need to sit in the shade somewhere and let my wet, shiny, red face get back to normal before I can sit in a coffee shop and not shame us out!!

That is all I have to chat about today. Hope all of you are having a cracker week too 🙂