Wow, that was fast, only a few hours have passed since I ran this morning and the results are up.

My official time: 40.26. Shy of the 39 I thought I ran. I should not have walked those bits I did….. Oh well, I will train hard this week and see if I can catch it next Sat. At least if I improve weekly, all my runs will be PBs đŸ™‚

Remember my first 5km time back in Sept? It was 44.30 mins. Todays’s run – four minutes faster. Still room for improvement, but four minutes faster peeps!

Run fast RunninBear, you can do it!

In the meantime we got slammed with the first proper summer storm and it aint even summer yet. Lightening and thunder had me hopping around the place, Husband was very amused. Storms scare the shit out of me…. There is another bigger scarier one forecast for later today. I might totally lose my shit if it comes….. Scary scary….