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A few weeks ago, I registered for ParkRun and then did not go. This morning, I was ready. I got Husband to come with me although he did not run. I just wanted him there at the finish line. I set my alarm for 5.45, was out the door at 6.30 and ready to run by 7am.

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ParkRun is rad! It is really well organised, the path was lovely, the people were friendly and the pace was FAST!! I have not gotten my official results yet but I think it was about 39 mins, which if it is right, means I shaved some serious time off my run from Thursday – 42.48mins. I will post my result when it becomes available. I had looked at last weeks results and the slowest time was 38 mins. I really did not want to come last so I pushed as hard as I could…..And I didn’t come last! There were at least half a dozen people after me! So freaking happy!

Today is really humid and hot, there is a huge storm coming our way now, so the run this morning was a bit tough. I felt like I was sucking air though a wet towel most of the time. I did have to walk a tiny bit, but I was still faster than I ever have been. Most of the run, I was chasing a lady who was walking a bit, but her run sections were quite fast. She came in ahead of me, but only just! It was super motivating to be in a non competitive race. I think I will include it into my weekly run schedule.

So this week, I clocked 13km. One strength workout and I need need need to do yoga tomorrow to stretch out my hip flexor which feels like a tight rubber band. My goal for next week is 20km. I’M BACK!