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The weekend, Brisbane was hit with four really big storms. Lightning, Thunder, Rain, Hail, Water Spouts, the whole thing was destructive and for me, frankly terrifying. I HATE BIG STORMS! Roofs came off, cars smashed by falling trees, hail the size of tennis balls, it was NUTS!!!!

This had a knock on effect on my run this morning. My god, it was so freaking humid! Worse than Sat when I did the ParkRun and add in direct sunlight too. YUCK! I started off and felt wonky. Like my legs weren’t co-operating. Could not get into a nice easy pace, felt jerky, slow and not loving it. I had to stop at a toilet, then I tried again to get into pace and failed. I gave up after 2km, as it felt like I was going to hurt myself. Crap Run. Not a great start to my 20km challenge this week, but I did get out and have a crack. Oh well, tomorrow…..

The storm activity had me hopping all day yesterday and I did not do my plankaday challenge, which was to plank every hour. I will be rescheduling this for next weekend. Too much on this week to try and do it during the day!

Hopefully I will have a better running story for tomorrow, have fun out there!