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And not in a good way. This morning’s run was pure hell. The heat was unbearable, I had to get off the playing field I normally run in and seek shade on the paths around the park. By then it was too late, I was overheated and I stopped after 3.34km. Bum. This does however bring my total up to 10km so far this week, which keeps me on track for my 20km goal. V good.

In desperation, I googled a new track this morning, it’s going to mean a slightly longer drive but it will be worth it not to be overheating and sweating like a bitch. I gotta tell ya, even after all these months I STILL go beetroot red and sweat like crazy. GROSS!

Hey, I wanted to get some of your thoughts about speed. I notice when I run on grass, I run slower. I guess it has something to do with traction or the uneven surface. My pace is off the charts slower. Do any of you guys experience the same thing? Or am I weird??

I’m really looking forward to a rest day tomorrow, I am sore and achey from all this running and boot camp last night. My shins are a tiny bit sore too and my right knee is a bit tender. Ice, Iburpofen and a husband cuddle should sort most of it out.

Oh and I weighed in, my weight this week was 77.8kg. I put on 500g in two weeks. Mainly cos I have been eating way outside the square this week. You name it, I ate it. I tried to tell myself it’s all muscle but who am I kidding?? Clean eating for me for a while till this gets moving again……

Hope all your running dreams are coming true this week!