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As a dedicated slow runner, I have been getting increasingly tighter in all the wrong places. Hamstrings, hip flexors, calves, shoulders. I can’t tell you how many yoga dvd’s I have tried to help alleviate the “OMG I can’t move” feeling that comes with my particular brand of running style, the shuffle.

I banged on about this earlier this week but I need to again. Today is my rest day and what better activity is there than to have a big old stretch. I used the “Infant” sequence of the Yin Yoga by Paul Grilley. It is so freaking amazing. There is one particular stretch where you get in this weird position with legs everywhere and stretch out the quad/hip flexor. SHUT UP! It simultaneoulsy hurt and felt so good, and afterwards that bad boy was humming. I feel immediately better after doing this.

The thing I hate most about yoga is the breathing. I never seem to be on the right breath, and I freaking hate being told how to breathe, surely I can do this on my own right??? The guy in this video is like “breathe however you want peeps”. OK he doesn’t say ‘peeps’ but you get my message. Its liberating. The stretches go for at least 5 mins each side so you really get some bang for your buck. If you suffer from tight quads/ hip flexors or lower back, this is the dvd series for you.


Tomorrow I am going to the shady track to run on my newly improved legs. I really really really want to go a bit faster than I have been this week. Every run I did this week was slower than the last. Poo. Surely I can run faster on a proper path instead of manky wettish uneven grass? Let’s freaking hope so……