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Long before I began running in earnest, I had a recurring back problem. My physio explained that a bulging disc is behaving like an overstuffed hamburger and all the innards are poking out. Gross. Anyway the moral of the story is that my back sometimes hurts like a bitch. My sciatic nerve goes nuts, I get pain in my piriformis muscle, all around my right hip, up into the muscles near my ribs, numbness down the front of my leg, tingling in my ankle and there is so much moaning and bitching. IT SUCKS.

For a few months now, I have been almost pain free. I have worked hard to strengthen my core, I have stretched, I have done exercises to strengthen my gluteus minimus or whatever that muscle at the side of your hip is called. I felt strong, like I had banished that pain for good….

Maybe the 20km last week was too much? Maybe I tweaked my back over the weekend doing Plank A Day? Whatever happened, I have been sore as hell yesterday and today. I even had to reach for the Voltaren pills last night to get to sleep. Stretching is not helping. I feel bleh.

One of the things that really helped me heal last time was acupuncture, maybe I need some of that.

Anyway, no running till this back gets sorted out. Yoga all the way….