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Lots has happened and not much has happened. Let me explain…..

No running this week. Booo.

After hurting my back I have been taking it easy. Not out of the woods yet but I feel better enough to do planking again and some push ups today. Runningkattales and I are doing #plankaday and we have made up #pushupaday. Join in with us on Twitter if you want to…..

To add injury to injury, I managed to give myself a second degree burn on my elbow on Friday night. Long story short, there was hot soup and a hand held mixer which sent a jet of freaking hot soup onto my arm. You get the idea. I had my arm in water for about 45 mins and still ended up with some pretty ugly and painful blisters. Poooooooo. It hurt like a bitch and made me really sad.

In delicious news, we ate lots of yummy food !!!!YAY!!!!! Our favourite restaurant is just down the road from us, so we went there for Husband’s birthday a week and a half ago. Then my Mum said she really wanted to take us there so we went again with her and my sister on Wed. The punchline to this extravagance is that we were already booked in for dinner last night as it was our 3 year anniversary. So we ate there three times in a week and a half. I think they love us now…….

Last night was a degustation. I know it’s a lot of food in one sitting, but it is so decadent and we really enjoy it. The portion sizes are actually sensible given there were 7 courses. We left, filled with food and wine after spending four hours being spoilt! What an awesome way to celebrate three blissful years of marriage. AAAAAAAAAAW!!

After seriously indulging, we are taking a few weeks of clean eating in preparation for the madness of Christmas. Our shopping basket this week was full of yummy veggies and fruit. Salads are ON! It’s so freaking hot here at the moment that salads are so much nicer to eat than hot veggies. My stalwart, Pear and Walnut salad is a prominent feature of this week’s meal plan and I think it will be a headline act on Christmas Day too. Menu planning for Christmas is another post……..

Week ahead:

So now that both my back and my arm are on the mend, I am planning a run tomorrow.

Plankaday and Pushupaday. Plank 1 min. Add one push up to the number you did yesterday – do this every day.

I have my final PhD interview tomorrow. No prep required, just turn up and talk the talk. Writing is coming along well, the really really boring bits are almost done 🙂

Then a run Wed, Fri and hopefully if things hold together a ParkRun on Sat.  Yoga on the non running days. Sounds like a plan to me…..

I might try to fit in some P90X but to be honest, my back is still tender so I think I might wait another week and see how the running goes….

What’s on your schedule for this week?