This morning, we got up and went down to the skatepark. I set off for a run, again not too much, making sure that back stays well behaved.

The sun was shining and it’s not too hot at the moment, so the first 2km heading out were totally blissful. It was a bit tougher on the way back, the sun was directly on my front and I had to do a bit of walking.

Overall, I managed to do my fastest 1km ever, clocking a 7.25 min km. This of course made me happy. My overall pace was 8.10min per km cos of the walking, but the first two km were swift! SWIFT!

In other news, I am going to a Christmas Party tonight. Have you ever heard of Lawn Bowls? It’s a sport that old peeps do, which we all know is a thin disguise for beers at lunchtime as all the venues are licensed. We are going to do that, but barefoot. It’s pretty fun, and the beers are ridiculously cheap. So that will be uber cool, I will get some pictures of the shenanigans for you all.

This is a man, my legs are not that hairy!

This is a man, my legs are not that hairy!

We have been eating more conscientiously this week, and so far I have lost another 500g. The proper weigh in is next week, and I would so love to see more weight gone. No point wishing though, gotta work hard!

Ok, back to PhD. Will follow up with some pictures tomoz…..