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The news of the shocking events in Newtown reached us in the early morning on Saturday. My heart goes out to that community and all those grieving families. Sadly, it seems all too often now that we hear about people conducting shooting rampages in America. When will it stop? How can this be allowed to continue?

This event makes me so freaking thankful that I live in a country where it’s not normal to own or even want to own guns. I don’t know a single person other than police and military who have guns in my community. I feel safer knowing that.

I could not muster up the energy to do much more than work on my PhD and incessantly check the news about what was happening in the States. All weekend, I have been very sad.

I took myself out for a run today, to get away from that feeling. It was an ok run. Nothing special.

Such sadness in my heart….