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I have been off the radar, you might think I have been partying it up, but sadly it’s just because I am in thesis crunch time. I am so close I can smell the ink on those pages (this is an attempt at irony, as these days, to submit a thesis, you make a pdf and push the upload button – a bit of a letdown….)

Crimbo had it’s ups and downs this year. Great food, everything was going well until late in the afternoon, when we had our very first family Christmas argument. I am going to keep the details private but I can say this – WE ARE NOT HOSTING CHRISTMAS AGAIN!!!! Next year, we will visit Husbands family interstate, and the year after that, I want to go overseas and have it just between Husband and I. Maybe a white Christmas. There. I said it.

Moving on. Those who know me outside of my WP friends know that the end of the year is when I get super anxious for the new one to begin. Its like Christmas happens then there is this weird week that seems to go forever, and nothing really happens. I get all itchy and desperate for the year to be over. This year is no different so I am getting in early with my New Years Resolutions. I have to warn you all – most of my inspiration comes from my WP friends. You can blush if you want…..

1 Cory B from http://myroadtothetely10.wordpress.com has been my main inspiration for my first NYR. He is on a pledge to not eat fast food. Its such a simple elegant statement, but the repercussions of this is amazing. Cory B, I can see every time you post a picture of yourself how this is working for you. I have never posted a picture of me, but I promise to do so. MY FIRST NYR IS TO NOT EAT FAST FOOD. This is a total ban on junk. If it comes in a paper bag, wrapped in weird paper and dripping with fat, it can’t be good for you. Why I continue to eat this food is beyond me. ITS OVER!!!

2 Kat from http://runningkattales.wordpress.com, Evelin from http://evelinruns.wordpress.com and Meg from http://megvschub.wordpress.com, plus all the other dedicated runners out there inspire me to run better, run faster, run more often. I can’t even begin to think of all the times when my motivation has been low and reading the amazing stories out there from all of you gets me off my ass and hitting the pavement. MY SECOND NYR IS TO TRAIN FOR A HALF MARATHON. At the moment I have no idea how long it could take me to run that distance. But I am getting faster all the time. Watch this space.

3 Another amazing thing I have observed is how everybody fits so much into their days. My routine at the moment is very confined. Its a run in my local neighbourhood. Then back to the computer and thrashing out words. Once this thesis is handed in, I am going to instigate a much better life work balance. Before I can do that, I need to work like a crazy banshee but after that, it’s going to be rancho relaxo with lots of fun things OUTSIDE the house for Husband and I to do. MY THIRD NYR IS TO SEEK MORE FUN.

That wraps it up for NYR. I think three is manageable, and lets face it, the only one that will be hard is the running, but I have a sneaky suspicion that the other two will more than make up for it 🙂

On to running. I have been hitting the roads and I am getting faster. Today I did my fastest km – 7.07 minutes. If I can keep this up, I might even smash out a 30min 5k soon, which has been a goal for me for ages. I have been stretching a bit more often and it really is making a difference.

I am thinking I will think of a total kms goal for 2013. I have not crunched the numbers yet but maybe 1000km??? It’s do-able especially when I will be piling on the kms for the half training. This is on my to do list before the new year starts so I will let you all know of total number once I work it out.

Weight progress: I have been eating whatever I want, drinking beer and having a great time with food. My weight has gone up by only 300g which is nothing really. I guess running through the silly eating season has helped keep everything in check. I am still fiercely holding on to reaching my goal weight of 65 kg, I have a long road ahead, but I am going to switch my focus from eating to lose weight to eating to run better. It’s really going to be the same kinds of food, but I will listen a bit more to my body as in the past I was a bit hungry sometimes during runs and felt like I ran out of steam.

Other than that, it’s head down bum up for the next few months as I hit frantic mode in thesis land. You might not see me on here that often in the next few months but I promise, come March 3, it will be over. Then I will be free.

I sincerely hope all of you have an amazing New Years, however you will celebrate it. And I wish for everybody to have a kicking 2013. Filled with fun, love, laughter, good food, great wine, yummy beers and tons of running.

Hearts – Runninbear