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Well, its been ages. Sorry. Life is super crazy at the moment. Where do I start?

Last week, I was working like crazy. Trying to burn both ends of the candle and then wondering why I was not sleeping well. Backstory – I am a natural sleeper, I can sleep for 10 hours straight and still feel like a bit more snoozing. As a teenager my Mum would have to bribe me to get out of bed. Weekends – she didn’t stand a chance.

So getting 3-4 hours on average for the first part of last week was killing me. I was having trouble falling asleep and staying asleep. Booo. I was in a fog all Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday before I decided to do the sensible thing and tucked myself into bed at the grandmotherly time of 7:40pm on Wed night. Things are getting back to normal as far as sleeping is going although last night I had Nicki Minaj in my mind when I was going to sleep. What is that about??????

Barbie Minaj

Barbie Minaj (Source)

To top off my mental week, I caught a tummy bug off someone and started feeling sick on Thursday. By Sunday, I was feeling terrible so I took an antibiotic bomb and am now starting to feel better.

You can guess what has happened with my running schedule. Zip, nada, nuthin. I am BUSTING to get out there and run. No matter what, tomorrow am is my time to shine!

In other news, husband and I have bought a new car. The old one was dying a slow painful death. We bought a Ford Focus. We are pretty excited. Hoping to pick it up sometime this week. Ah I love new car smell…..

Well, that is all I got right now. Hope everybody is happy out there and that your new year is bringing what you hoped for….