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Well, lots to tell.

I was out in the wild this week. Like no phone reception, using a GPS to get around “in the wild”. It was super fun. Lots of walking, lots of flies, a bit of interesting archaeology and tons of laughs with some of the traditional owners of the land we were working on. No running as we were working early to finish early as the temps were up around 41 degrees Celcius at 11am. I was totally exhausted by the time we got back. Fell into bed super early. Yay!

I did get out for a parkrun last Saturday, it was mediocre. Not the event, but me. I have to learn to run without music, as I stuffed around for ages trying to fix my tunes – first I could not hear anything, then it was skipping and carrying on. I ended up bailing on the last km as I was dripping in sweat and was over it.

This weekend, there is an ex tropical cylcone north of us. We are unlikely to get too much drama down here in Brisbane, but it has been wet for 2 days now. The rain is going to be nutso tonight and then keep raining till Tuesday. I need to get out there and smash a run. Maybe there will be a break in the weather that I can sneak out. Or just suck it up and run in the rain. Poo. I really don’t like getting rained on.

It is Australia day here today, so we are heading to a bbq. Thats a Barbecue for my non aussie readers. Its basically a day where people get super drunk and forget our colonial beginnings. It is often called Survival Day or Invasion day by Indigenous Australians. Check out Twitter for some alternative voices about what Australia Day means for Indigenous people over here…. @LukePearson and @AnitaHeiss are a good place to start.

Well, not much else to report, hopefully a run will be the main star of my next post. Hope all of you had an awesome week, and get out for a run this weekend